Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jason Priestley Regrets Bad ’80s Mullet

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If Jason Priestley could have one do-over in life, he’d take back the bad ’80s mullet he sported as a teen.

Priestley – who played heartthrob Brandon Walsh on the original 90210 – is guest starring on My Name Is Earl tomorrow (Nov. 13) as a smarmy “professional backpack model,” and the karma-centered comedy series has him thinking about his past mistakes he’d like to make right.

The No. 1 goof Priestley wishes he could take back is the ’80s mullet he rocked when he was a teenager.

He reflects, “We all thought it was cool back then, but oh, how we were wrong!”

Priestley would also like to do “all of high school, all over again” because he was such a prankster back in the day.

However, he can’t disclose the mischievous things he did as a kid because he’s afraid of getting busted.

He laughs, “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police [from my hometown of Vancouver] may come find me and throw the book at me! I’ve done too many bad things.”

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