Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Man Claims To Be Married To Allah

SALINAS, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Allah is a hard woman to please, especially if she’s your wife.

Just ask Eric Kingsley, author of The Psalms of Moses: The New Testament of Allah (BookSurge) who claims to be married to the great God.

According to Kingsley, married life isn’t easy when your better half is a demanding spirit from another world.

He says, “She can be a little mean. She grabs my neck and commands me to worship her twice a day. I have to give her everything, and it seems that all I get back from this invisible woman is sex.”

Kingsley says his sex life with Allah “feels as real as with other women.”

When she’s in the mood, Allah commands Kingsley to remove his clothes and sit so she can have his way with him.

Although pleasing Allah is tough, Kingsley still loves his wife.

He says the only downfalls to having an invisible wife is not being able to take Allah to parties and not always having his prayers answered.

He laments, “I told her to win me the lottery, but she didn’t do it. I asked her to get me a record deal, but it didn’t happen. She takes joy in making me suffer.”

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