Friday, October 24, 2008

Nine-Step Program Helps Junkie Cats Kick Litter Habit

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Cats who are addicted to litter should know that there’s a way out – a way to finally get clean.

Cat owner Perre DiCarlo has penned Kick Litter: Nine-Step Program For Recovering Litter Addicts, which details the real-life story of his two junkie felines, Moxie and Cooper, who were once addicted to their litter box.

DiCarlo staged an intervention after he “saw one too many cat lives lost to litter,” but getting his cats to kick their habit wasn’t easy.

He worked for months on a program to get Moxie and Cooper to poop and pee in the toilet and eventually weaned them off litter.

His cats resisted the changes at first, and some days were better than others.

DiCarlo explains, “Sometimes they just needed a fix. They’d search every cupboard in the house for their litter. It was sad.”

The key to keeping his cats on track was being a dedicated sponsor who didn’t cave in to their litter withdrawals and encouraged them during tough times.

Kick Litter hits shelves this November.

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