Thursday, October 23, 2008

Penis Painter ‘Pricasso’ Rises Up For Politicians

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Australian artist who uses his penis to paint portraits is rising up for American politicians.

Tim Patch – better known as “Pricasso” – paints masterpieces using his penis instead of a paintbrush, guiding his member with his hand onto canvas, where he strokes away.

Tomorrow (Oct. 24) and Saturday (Oct. 25), Pricasso will showcase his penis painting skills at the 29th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo in San Francisco.

He’ll also reveal his latest patriotic portraits, a penis painting of John McCain and Barack Obama getting friendly, and a rendering of Sarah Palin naked, atop a dead moose and igloo, straddling a gun.

Pricasso admits he had a hard time painting McCain when he put penis to canvas because of all his wrinkles, and says Obama’s face was “easier to distinguish.”

The Palin painting was difficult due to the added props, but thankfully, no surprises popped up.

Pricasso says the sexy politician didn’t arouse him, and he was able to stay completely limp while painting her.

He hopes the paintings inspire Americans to get out and vote come Election Day (Nov. 4).

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