Monday, October 20, 2008

Kinky Equestrienne Trains ‘Human Ponies’

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One kinky fetish requires a lot of horsing around – literally.

“Pony play” is a fantasy fetish that involves humans being outfitted, trained, and ridden like real horses by a skillful master.

Rebecca Wilcox is a dominant “human pony” trainer who gets a kick out of strapping a saddle, harness, reins, and a butt-plug horse tail on submissive “ponygirls” or “ponyboys.”

Like real horses, Wilcox trains, grooms, commands, and feeds her pet ponies.

She enjoys the control that comes with being their master and finds pony play “soothing and quite satisfying.”

During a pony play session, Wilcox requires her human horses to remain silent and use special signals to communicate.

When they’re hungry or thirsty, Wilcox offers them water, Cheerios, and carrots.

Wilcox says her ponies are very well-behaved and none of them have ever tried to kick her, bite her, or take a dump on the floor like a real horse might.

She says forming a bond with the bondage pony gets them to quickly trust and obey their master.

She outlines the rules of pony play in her book, The Human Pony (Greenery Press).

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