Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biblical Scholar Proves Barack Obama Isn’t The Anti-Christ

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s a massive Internet rumor going around claiming Barack Obama is the Anti- Christ, but one Bible expert isn’t buying it.

Haters believe Obama is the Anti-Christ because of his prophetic personality, ability to draw in crowds, appealing charisma, and Muslim ties.

However, Biblical scholar Pastor Harry says Obama isn’t even close to resembling the real Anti-Christ, who’s actual name is “Maitreya.”

He says the letters in the Anti-Christ’s name add up to the number 666, but Obama’s name only calculates to 356.

Pastor Harry argues the presidential hopeful isn’t the Anti-Christ because, as he puts it, “The Anti-Christ doesn’t come as a politician, he comes as a spiritual savior of all religions.”

He says the real Anti-Christ will unite the world through religion, not politics, and adds, “He’ll be in a white robe, not a three-piece campaign suit.”

He hopes the rumor dies down soon because it could lead to an assassination attempt on Obama by some religious loon who believes they must kill him to save the world.

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