Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fill Your Home With The Sweet Scent Of Moose Crap

MISSOULA, Mont. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It may sound like a load of bullsūūt, but moose crap smells damn good.

Moose-cense is a line of incense made from moose poo, which, according to creator Jerry Black, fills an area with the sweet smell of willow when it’s lit on fire.

Black assures that the moose poop’s aroma is all natural, with nothing added to the dung to get it smelling fresh.

He says, “We get the moose pellet as it comes out of their butt. It’s pure, unadulterated moose poop.”

Moose-cense comes in an organza bag with matches and a pretty trinket attached, which Black admits is just a classy way of “basically selling moose shūt.”

He hikes mountain areas, plastic bag in tow, to collect excrement, though he says, “You can’t get this shūt just anywhere.”

Though many are surprised by moose poop’s wonderful scent, not every piece of crap smells as sweet.

He explains, “Elk poop doesn’t smell good at all. I can’t imagine any other animal has poop that smells as good as moose’s.”

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