Friday, August 1, 2008

Penis Artist ‘Pricasso’ Has Soft Spot For Painting

GOLD COAST, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Australian man who uses his penis to paint is a real softy for art.

Tim Patch – better known as Pricasso – paints masterpieces using his penis instead of a paintbrush.

He dips his member into non-toxic paint and uses his hand to guide it onto cardboard or canvas, where he strokes away.

Patch enjoys painting portraits of world leaders like President George W. Bush, The Pope, and Queen Elizabeth II, and plans to penis paint Barack Obama and John McCain next.

But the portraits only turn out good if things don’t get too hard.

During “penile art” sessions Patch tries to stay calm and limp, because if his penis gets erect, it’s hard to paint with it.

He explains, “If I get aroused it changes the quality of the painting. It just doesn’t come out as good.”

Luckily, Patch is pretty good at controlling his sex organ and only gets aroused sometimes, especially if he’s painting for sexy ladies at bachelorette parties.

But mostly, he keeps his head in the game and can whip out a painting in about 20 minutes

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