Wednesday, July 30, 2008

‘Chinglish’ Will Live On After Beijing Olympics

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – According to one language expert, “Chinglish” – a combo of Chinese and English – is here to stay.

Paul JJ Payack – founder of the Global Language Monitor – says Chinglish will be more popular than ever after the Beijing 2008 Olympics, despite China’s efforts to eradicate the playful dialect.

He says China has been trying to get rid of Chinglish in Beijing before the Olympics hit town because they’re embarrassed of the language, which includes phrases like “No Noising” – a variation of quiet please – and “Deformed Man Toilet” – which refers to a handicapped bathroom.

Payack says Chinese authorities have been changing menus and street signs in the area to much more tame, accurate English phrases.

This means no more “exploding shrimp” on menus, or signs directing people to the “Garden With Curled Poo.”

Still, Chinglish can’t be completely wiped out.

With millions of Chinglish phrases still in use in China, Payack says it’s impossible to get rid of the language because it’s too “complex and pervasive.”

The world will see more Chinglish soon because the Olympics will encourage a “burst of creativity” among Chinglish speakers.

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