Friday, July 11, 2008

JonBenet Ramsey Home Has Makings Of A Haunted House

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – JonBenet Ramsey’s old house could be the latest haunted real estate on the market.

Last week, the four-story home in Boulder, Colorado, where JonBenet was mysteriously murdered in 1996, went back on the real estate market for $2.68 million.

But buyers beware – according to paranormal medium and haunted real estate expert Bonnie Vent, the infamous home has serious potential to be haunted.

Due to the sadness, turmoil, and intense emotions surrounding the high-profile murder, Vent says there’s tons of energy around the property, the key element involved in a haunting.

Vent says it’s possible that the late Patsy Ramsey’s spirit haunts the house because she has “unfinished business,” a common cause of hauntings.

She also says the energy of the crowds that gawk at the home on a daily basis and call it “creepy” adds to the possibility of it being haunted.

To test for paranormal activity, Vent suggests buyers bring a digital tape recorder and ask questions out loud to potential ghosts, and then check the tape to see if they’ve answered from beyond.

Vent is the author of the e-book Is My House Haunted? found on

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