Thursday, July 3, 2008

Iron Man Could Drink Hancock Under The Table

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s an entire slew of caped crusaders that could out-drink hard-partying superhero Hancock.

In the new flick Hancock, Will Smith plays the boozehound hero, but comic book consultant John Robinson says Iron Man is the original “alcoholic superhero.”

He says they downplayed Iron Man’s addictive personality in the recent Robert Downey Jr. film, but real fans know the truth.

Robinson explains, “He tries to stay sober, but hits the bottle whenever the stress of running a multi-million dollar corporation while saving the world gets to him.”

This is the plague of many crime fighters who turn to booze in hopes of finding a balance between their duel identities and people’s high expectations of them.

Robinson believes both Hancock and Iron Man would have a hard time beating Superman in a drinking contest because his “alien super-metabolism” would help him combat a hangover.

Other comic characters who might be hitting the bottle include saucy siren Betty Boop and X-men hero Wolverine.

However, Robinson claims Archie Andrews from the Archie comic series is totally straight-edge, although his enemy, Reggie, has red flags that point to future substance abuse.

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