Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hop In Bed With The Dead

NEW ORLEANS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Mortals beware! Paranormal predators are looking for some sexy action.

According to paranormal investigator Gina Lanier, ghosts are horny and likely to get their sexual healing from unsuspecting mortals.

Based on reports she’s collected, Lanier says many people have engaged in ghost sex or had a spirit cop a feel on their private parts.

She says ghosts usually stalk cemeteries or more sexy sites such as New Orleans’ French Quarter, looking to score some lively love-making.

Lanier says that sex-crazed spirits are into fetishes, like S&M and bondage, and even make booty calls from beyond the grave.

Aroused ghosts have been known to breath heavily and whisper dirty talk during phantom phone calls.

Though most people fear the idea of a haunted humping, Lanier says some actually seek the out-of-this-world lovin’.

She says, “It’s bizarre, but some say ghost sex is better than real sex. I’m not about to go to a cemetery and film it happening though. I don’t make ghost porn.”

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