Friday, June 20, 2008

Gene Simmons Wants To Legalize Prostitution

Photo: Jason Mouratides. Wikimedia project. STUTTGART, Germany (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – KISS legend Gene Simmons is taking a sexy stance: He wants to legalize prostitution!

Simmons has just penned Ladies of the Night (Simmons Books), a historical look at the inception and legacy of prostitution.

The music mogul cites prostitution as the world’s oldest profession and says, “It’s always been here, and it’ll never go away.”

For that reason, Simmons says legalizing prostitution makes perfect sense and as a bonafide profession will benefit everyone from hookers to horny dudes.

He says it’ll be good for guys because instead of spending their money at a bar buying girls drinks and trying to get in their pants, they can spend their money more wisely on a lady of the night, who’s a sure thing.

He believes prostitution is a good profession for women because it’s “empowering.”

He says women have duties in the sack to their lovers and husbands, but if they’re a lady of the night, they get to call the shots.

Simmons explains, “They get to choose who they want to sleep with. It’s a very empowering profession. Besides, it’s just sex, what’s the big deal?”

Ladies of the Night hits shelves July 8.

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