Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bear Grylls: ‘It Takes Heart To Survive’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – According to wilderness bad boy Bear Grylls, it takes the heart of a lion – and a strong stomach – to conquer the wild.

Grylls – adventurous host of the Discovery Channel’s wilderness survival show Man Vs. Wild – has just penned MAN VS. WILD: Survival Techniques From The Most Dangerous Places On Earth (Hyperion), a guide on how to beat the elements of nature in the bleakest of situations.

Although Grylls’ most important steps to survival include Protection, Rescue, Water, and Food, he says “heart” and determination also rank high on the list of survival priorities.

He explains, “Survival is about putting up with stuff and sticking it out, no matter what. You have to be determined that things will get better and that you’ll make it out alive. It’s all about heart in the wild.”

Along with perseverance, Grylls says you must have a strong stomach and be willing to eat anything that moves.

He’s had to eat snakes, crickets, fish eyeballs, scorpions, and zebra carcass in the wild, and says you have to “get in the zone” and realize that the foul food will ultimately save your life.

Once you make it out alive, you’ll be a better person.

He says you discover your strengths and weaknesses and NEVER complain about home cooking again.

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