Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bigfoot Is So Misunderstood

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bigfoot is a hairy, misunderstood creature with a heart of gold.

That’s how author Graham Roumieu sees the big, mythical monster in his new book Bigfoot: I Not Dead (Plume), which explores Bigfoot’s most intimate thoughts, revelations, and feelings about what it’s like to be him.

Bigfoot reveals his addiction to eating garbage, his journey back to his old neighborhood in the woods, and his run-ins with the law and pesky Bigfoot hunters.

Although he’s a “giant, hairy freak,” Roumieu believes Bigfoot is a lovable, genuinely caring creature, who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

He says, “Bigfoot just wants to be loved, despite his unfortunate traits. He’s like this Mickey Mouse character who’s sweet, but can bench press a car and occasionally kills his friends.”

While Roumieu believes Bigfoot is just a good guy, he admits that Bigfoot could use a boost in the brains department.

He adds, “I wish Bigfoot had a bigger brain, so he could understand himself better. He can’t help the things he does – he’s just so stupid.”

Bigfoot: I Not Dead hits shelves April 29.

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