Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dennis Miller Can’t Name Names

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Emmy-winning funnyman Dennis Miller is awful at remembering names – and he feels like an A-hole for it!

Miller – best known for his popular talk show, Dennis Miller Live – is hosting the upcoming comedy game show Amne$ia, in which contestants are asked memory-testing questions about their own lives in hopes of winning big bucks.

And while Miller says his memory is good enough to recognize his own doormat or recall his favorite cocktail, his memory downfall is remembering people’s names.

Miller says, “Names are my dead spot, I’m really bad with them. I have to use a trick where I associate someone’s name with another thing so that it sticks in my head for longer.”

And not being able to name names has Miller feeling like a self-centered jerk.

He says, “As I get older, I realize it’s a little egocentric to not remember someone’s name after a conversation. I used to think it was cool, cute, and a little daffy not to remember names, but now I just feel like an a■■hole! I’m working on it.”

Amne$ia premieres February 22 on NBC.

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