Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Singing Psychic Channels Anna Nicole’s Message To Britney Spears

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If Anna Nicole Smith were alive, she’d have two words for Britney Spears: “GET HELP.”

Dallas-based medium Fran Baskerville – known as “The Singing Psychic” – has just channeled the spirit of Anna Nicole and has written a new song with the late blonde bombshell’s strong message to Spears, in the wake of Brit’s widely-televised mental breakdown late last Thursday night (Jan. 3).

Anna warns Baskerville of the danger of Britney’s demise and says the former Pop Tart is being pulled in so many different directions, she needs to be careful of who she trusts before it’s too late.

The lyrics in Baskerville’s tune explain: From the grave, Anna speaks to Britney Spears/ Don’t make the same mistakes I did/ Don’t trust the wrong people, or you’ll end up like me.

The song continues with a very specific warning from Anna to Britney: Stay close to Mom and Dad/ Get the help you need now so you can raise your kiddos/ You have more talent than I had/ Life is awaiting you, don’t die!

Baskerville says Anna Nicole feels for the out-of-control Pop Tart, since Smith went through her own substance abuse problems and bizarre behavior before her death.

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