Monday, November 26, 2007

Avoiding An Alien Abduction Takes Some Serious Power

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Los Angeles-based hypnotherapist has some terrestrial tips for the next time you get abducted by an alien.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg is an alien researcher and renowned metaphysical expert who has worked with hundreds of alien abductees.

According to Goldberg’s research, alien abductions are “more popular” than people think, so he advises Earthlings to be prepared for E.T. attacks at all times.

Goldberg says taking St. John’s Wort herb in tea form or capsule, along with rubbing Pennyroyal oil on your body are two good ways to prevent alien abductions, since the herb and oil are like “garlic to a vampire” and something “aliens don’t want to mess with.”

He also suggests keeping a magnet and an iron piece of religious jewelry on you at all times, which tends to drive E.T.s away.

Goldberg says salt is another good form of protection, and says imagining a white light like “a bubble around you,” is also a good strategy against the space race.

But if all else fails and you’re still getting probed by “E.T. terrorists,” Goldberg says the smartest thing to do is to remain calm and take charge of the situation.

He explains, “You must use your mind to become physically empowered so the aliens know that they can’t win against you. E.T.s don’t like confrontation, so they’ll back off if they see you’re strong. They’re real wimps.”

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