Wednesday, November 14, 2007

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cursed By Heather Mills

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s been a bumpy road for the celebrities on Dancing With The Stars this season, and a curse expert in Lakewood, Ohio, believes a bitter Brit is to blame.

Curse expert Miriam Garabrant says the strange and unfortunate incidents that have been happening to the current female contestants on Dancing With The Stars, like Marie Osmond’s on-air fainting, Jennie Garth’s mid-dance fall, Jane Seymour’s mysterious food poisoning, and Sabrina Bryan’s shocking elimination, could all be part of a curse placed on the show by former contestant Heather Mills.

Mills strutted her stuff on the dance competition last season, and when she was voted off, Garabrant believes the British activist left some “harmful, bad energy” behind.

Garabrant explains, “The show was doing okay until Heather Mills was on it. She brought bad luck and a curse to the competition. It stems from her mean-spirited energy, jealousy, and explosive personality.”

Garabrant believes Mills’ curse is still “lingering” over the set and making contenders like Marie Osmond “very emotional” and prone to accidents.

But the dancing queen that’s bearing the brunt of the curse is Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan.

Garabrant – who “scanned” Bryan’s brain to see how she’s handling her disappointing dismissal – says the singer still “hasn’t come to terms” with getting the boogie boot, and remains “unsettled and unhappy” about the way things went down.

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