Monday, November 12, 2007

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’s’ Accuser Has Reputation For Pulling Out Race Card

HONOLULU (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dwayne “Dog” Chapman is being neutered for using racial slurs, but his accuser, Monique Shinnery, is notorious for barking out the race card.

At least that’s according to Honolulu Police detective Eli Walters, who had an unpleasant run-in with Shinnery – Dog’s son Tucker Chapman’s African American girlfriend – at a bar in Honolulu before The Bounty Hunter’s racial scandal was unleashed.

On October 14 – weeks before Dog’s N-word-filled voicemail to his son forbidding him to date Shinnery made headlines – Detective Walters dealt with Shinnery and Tucker after they were kicked out of Lulu’s, a bar in Honolulu, for giving alcohol to their underage friends.

And according to Walters, Shinnery’s uncooperative behavior with police that night showed her true colors.

Upon being kicked out of the bar, Walters says Shinnery immediately began “playing the race card” and yelling at the officers, claiming that they were only kicking her out because she’s black.

Walters says, “She kept saying she’d sue us for kicking her out. Her conduct just shows what kind of character she has.”

Now that Shinnery is reportedly suing Dog for “slander,” Walters wants to get the word out about Shinnery before she digs Dog deeper into the doghouse.

Walters adds, “I feel sorry that this all happened to Dog. The words he used were wrong, but the wrath he’s experiencing doesn’t commensurate his actions.”

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