Thursday, November 8, 2007

Danny Bonaduce: ‘Starlets Should Be Scandalous’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Hollywood starlets Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears may be out of control, and former wild child Danny Bonaduce thinks they should stay that way.

Bonaduce – who achieved fame as a child star on The Partridge Family and battled his own drug addictions and violence for decades – is starring in an animated series called Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach, which will premiere on mobile video services of major U.S. wireless carriers and on November 12.

The five-minute cartoons will feature an animated Bonaduce as a life coach who guides Hollywood’s most wayward party princesses.

And Bonaduce’s advice is as wild as the starlets’ habits.

Instead of telling Lohan and Spears to stop misbehaving, Bonaduce suggests they remain “as scandalous as possible.”

Bonaduce explains, “These girls have no real career or talent, except for being scandals. That’s how they stay in the press. So when Lohan wears no panties in public, I think it’s a smart career move. After Herbie: Fully Loaded, she needed to do something to stay on top. I would never tell these girls to stop what they’re doing because then they’d have no career.”

And Bonaduce knows all about leading a life of media scandal.

He adds, “These girls are stealing my act! I did this stuff 25 years ago, when I discovered that scandal was a good way to get press. But I’m smart – I knew when to stop!”

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