Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kristen Bell Is The New Kid On ‘Heroes’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Actress Kristen Bell has just joined the cast of Heroes, and she feels like the new kid in school.

Bell – best known for her leading role in the sleuth series Veronica Mars – is starring in a multi-episode arc on Heroes as a mysterious character who may hold the key to Peter Petrelli’s [Milo Ventimiglia] past, and she says joining the cast has been like attending a brand new school.

Says Bell: “Everytime you join a new cast it feels like you’re a kid switching schools. You have anxiety and nerves, and wonder, ‘Are people going to like me? Will I fit in?’ It’s like you’re in high school again. Luckily, joining the cast of Heroes has been like going to a great school where I already have friends. I knew a lot of the cast before I even signed on!”

And being a self-proclaimed “huge fan” of the show has also added to the excitement of Bell’s new gig.

She adds, “I’ve watched every episode of Heroes since the beginning. I tell the show’s writers that Heroes was always the water cooler conversation on the Veronica Mars set.”

Bell makes her debut on Heroes October 22 on NBC.

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