Monday, September 3, 2007

The Last Summer Blowout

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One gas guru is cooking up the cure to keep your Labor Day barbecue from being a true blowout.

Dr. Patricia Raymond is a gastroenterologist who says the burgers, beers, and beans you’ll eat at today’s (Sept. 3) Labor Day barbecue may come with an unwanted – and smelly – side order.

Dr. Raymond says, “A really greasy cheeseburger is going to throw you into a tizzy, but it’s not the burger as much as the side dishes that’ll give you gas. Cole slaw and baked beans are always an issue.”

To fight the gassy grill grub, Dr. Raymond suggests taking CharcoCaps, a gas absorbing charcoal tablet, and also advocates eating grilled chicken or veggie burgers as alternatives to keep your farts from fouling up the fun.

And there’s another manageable meat that Dr. Raymond says will keep you from passing gas.

Dr. Raymond says, “I’m not sure if Marie Antoinette said this, but, ‘Let them eat steak!’”

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