Friday, August 31, 2007

Author Likes His Porn Old And Early

NEWARK, Del. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – They just don’t make pornos like they used to in the 1930s.

That’s the story from author Dave Thompson, whose book, Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR (Ecw Press) delves deep into the history of “stag” movies, poorly made amateur porn films from the early half of the 1900s.

But forget about the loud, fake freaking – it was the un- enhanced realities of early erotica that got Thompson’s pen working.

He says, “Today porn is all grandstanding, but back then it was very honest. There’s old people, fat people. Men have equipment malfunctions, but the camera keeps rolling.”

And while Thompson says he watched “and awful lot of films” while researching, his sex study wasn’t as salacious as it sounds.

He says, “After the first three pornos you end up looking at the furniture, trying to figure out when it was made.”

His girlfriend got in on the fun too.

He says, “She looked at hairstyles. I’d have to say, ‘Forget about her head bobbing up and down, what kind of hairstyle do you think this is?’”

Thompson’s book hits shelves September 4.

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