Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fashion Expert Tim Gunn Says No To Crocs

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bright, rubbery Crocs may be the latest trend in fun footwear, but Project Runway style guru Tim Gunn says they’re a fashion nightmare.

That’s the stylish scoop from Gunn, who’s starring in his own fashion makeover series called Tim Gunn’s Guide To Fashion, and says when it comes to colorful Crocs, he just says no to the fashion faux pas.

Gunn explains, “I think Crocs are unnecessary and absolutely appalling. They’re one fashion trend that must be stopped!”

However, Gunn’s new TV co-host and fashion accomplice, model Veronica Webb, has a different stance on the trendy shoe.

Says Webb: “Crocs are great for the beach, boat, or for running around, but they’re not to be worn with slovenly clothes. You can dress them up by adding Croc jewels. My kids begged me for a pair and I think they look adorable in them!”

Still, despite the kiddie Croc craze, Gunn is sticking to his guns.

He adds, “Veronica’s children are three and four- years-old, so they can get away with it. But no grown man or woman should ever wear Crocs!”

Catch more of Gunn’s and Webb’s fashion do’s and don’ts when Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style premieres September 6 on Bravo.

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