Friday, July 6, 2007

Singer Makes Frank Sinatra Cry

FULLERTON, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Everyone’s heard the soul song “Express Yourself” – but for the singer of the classic track, there’s more to music than making people feel good.

That’s the note being sung Charles Wright, who, in more than 30 years, has funked around with hundreds of artists, from Jimi Hendrix to Barbara Streisand.

But it was his run-in with a famous Rat-Packer that caused some real blue-eyed bawling.

Wright was sharing a concert bill in the 1970’s with Frank Sinatra, and when Wright sang his song, “If All Men Are Truly Brothers,” Old Blue Eyes began crying like a baby.

Wright says, “I was singing for Martin Luther King’s wife, and she was crying. Later I found out that Sinatra, a real macho man, was also crying in his dressing room.”

But the emotional song, included on his new best-of album Finally Got It Wright, brings tears to more than just celebrities.

Wright says, “Sometimes I sing it and I get to crying.”

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