Friday, June 29, 2007

Paris Hilton Is A Liar

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Post-pokey Paris Hilton says she’s a changed woman since her stint in the slammer, but a communication expert in New York says the heiress is a total liar.

That’s the word from journalist and communication expert, Laurie Puhn, who says Paris’ appearance on Larry King Live this past Wednesday (June 27), was a trainwreck of bad lies and promises the party princess probably won’t keep.

Puhn says everything from Paris’ facial expressions and body language to the way she spoke reveal that she’s completely lying about her so-called “life-changing” jail ordeal.

Puhn explains, “The main thing that was missing from Paris’ interview was truth. She communicated the entire time by using generalities and vague expressions like ‘I’ve matured,’ and ‘I want to change.’ People who speak in such general terms haven’t actually made a decision about their lives but want to seem like they have. That’s exactly what Paris was doing.”

To appear new and improved, Puhn says the socialite repeated the “best one-liners from self-help books,” which actually made her look awkward and insincere.

Still, in a way, it was good for Paris to publicly speak out.

Puhn adds, “When everyone around you thinks you’re a piece of trash, the only way to recover is to go on national TV and admit you’re trashy. But there’s no way she could’ve changed in just a few weeks. I mean, you can’t miraculously turn the sky green.”

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