Monday, June 11, 2007

Comedian Does Jail Time For Paris Hilton

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Paris Hilton may have done the crime, but a Las Vegas comedian is doing her time.

Comic Joe Trammel has to decided jail himself, just like the heiress by locking down in a pink, outdoor jail cell on Freemont Street in Sin City.

But to play Paris’ part, Trammel must look the part, so he’s decked himself out in full socialite gear, complete with a prison-patterned skirt, white sunglasses, blonde wig, and fake house arrest anklet.

Trammel checked himself into the makeshift 8-by-4-foot slammer last Sunday (June 3), but unlike Paris, he won’t be released early.

Says Trammel: “I’m staying in here for the 23 days she was supposed to be locked up! I had a feeling Paris was going to try to get off the hook early, but I’m staying in to be an example of what really happens to you if you drive drunk.”

And while Trammel admits his stunt started off as a joke, some protestors in the area are taking his actions very seriously.

Trammel explains, “There are tons of people supporting what I’m doing. They don’t think it’s fair that Paris got out of jail early and they want to see her go back. There are people screaming here all day long – it’s madness!”

Trammel and his protestors are getting their wish, as Paris was ordered back to jail this past Friday (June 8).

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