Thursday, June 7, 2007

President Bush Rocks And Gets Animated

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – President George W. Bush may think he’s a big shot rockin’ in the free world, but he’s about to get really little.

That’s because Dubya is shrinking into childlike stature in Lil’ Bush, a new animated series on Comedy Central which takes the oath on Wednesday (June 13).

Executive producer Donick Cary says his show plays out like a family or kids story, but instead of a child stealing Dad’s car keys, Lil’ Bush is deviously detonating nuclear bombs around the globe.

But Lil’ Bush is not alone in his hijinks, he’s joined by Lil’ Condi [Condoleezza Rice], Lil’ Rummy [Donald Rumsfeld], and Lil’ Cheney [Vice President Dick Cheney], who’s an unintelligible wisecracker.

Cary explains, “Cheney himself is kind of like a real- life Penguin from Batman. All you hear from him is muttering or ‘go fk yourself.”’

But Cary suspects no foul words from the real Dubya, as he thinks the prez would only understand the toon at a very basic level.

As he puts it, “He’ll think the drawing of himself is cute, and he might like all the pretty colors.”

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