Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Entertainer Snaps At Paparazzi For Lindsay Lohan’s Troubles

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Lindsay Lohan’s wild accident this past Saturday (May 26) may have been the paparazzi’s fault according to one snappy entertainer.

Bobby Badfingers – a professional finger snapper who got his start on America’s Got Talent – is snapping at the paparazzi for harassing starlets like Lindsay Lohan, and believes he was a witness to events leading up to Lohan’s DUI crash and arrest over the weekend.

On the same night of the party princess’ antics, Badfingers was finishing dinner with a friend at a restaurant in Malibu, California, when he was almost hit by a fleet of speeding cars in the parking lot.

Says Badfingers: “Our car almost got T-boned by a bunch of black cars that were weaving in and out of the road and around the nearby gas station. It was crazy!”

Turns out, the speeding vehicles were a gang of paparazzi trying to get snapshots of Lindsay Lohan driving.

Badfingers explains, “One of the guys rolled down his window and told us, ‘It’s Lindsay Lohan! We’ve got to get her.’ It was really disturbing.”

After witnessing the frenzy, Badfingers is convinced the paparazzi played a huge role in Lohan’s accident later that night.

Says Badfingers: “These guys were chasing her all over hell. They’re going to kill somebody one day. It’s a Lady Diana story waiting to happen and police officers need to start arresting paparazzi.”

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