Thursday, May 17, 2007

‘Shrek’ Makes Your Kids Fat

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Shrek may seem like a friendly ogre, but one woman in New York thinks he may be responsible for making your kids fat.

MeMe Roth, who is president of the National Action Against Obesity, has a beef with the swamp-loving ogre because he’s the poster child for two contradictory causes: fatty junk food and the Health & Human Services new campaign against child obesity.

Turns out, while Shrek is happily slingin’ tons of junk food like Pop Tarts and Happy Meals with his face stamped on them to impressionable kiddies, he’s also telling tubby tots to get active and go outside and play.

This poses a problem for Roth, who is a true blue obesity fighter and turns green at the thought of the confused, “schizophrenic” Shrek.

Says Roth: “He’s selling junk food that’s going to take kids hours on the playground to work off. It’s just not healthy.”

And while Roth doesn’t think Shrek’s hypocritical ways will affect the box office when Shrek 3 opens tomorrow (May 18), she hopes parents and kids wise up and start to see Shrek in a new light.

She adds, “He’s exactly what a person who eats all those unhealthy snacks should look like. The junk food has left him with bad skin, bad teeth, chronic gas, and an obese body.”

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