Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shaking Hands Makes You Fat And Diabetic

HILO, Hawaii (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you want to avoid getting fat and diabetic, stop shaking hands with people.

Believe it or not, a medical anthropologist in Hilo, Hawaii, says shaking hands with others spreads a bacteria containing diabetes.

Sydney Ross Singer says for more than 30 years, pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly and NovoNordisk have been altering the bacterium E. coli and the food ingredient Baker’s yeast in order to produce human insulin for medical treatment.

Problem is, every year there are accidents that cause the spores to spill into wastewater. Also, many farmers feed cakes of the yeast to pigs.

Either way, he suspects the insulin-enriched products are getting into human intestines and causing a condition called “hyperinsulinemia,” that can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Even worse: Humans may be spreading their obesity by shaking hands, and Singer suspects this is why obesity has become an epidemic in the last few years.

He suggests folks avoid handshaking until officials create “an international registry of people’s intestines” to track exactly who might have the belly-expanding bacteria.

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