Friday, March 23, 2007

‘Smell-E-Vision’ Hits The Internet

SAVANNAH, Ga. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Folks who raise a stink about the internet will have a point come Monday (Mar. 26), when the world’s first website dedicated to offering aromas and odors goes online.

It’s called and will be featuring smell- oriented programming thanks to something called a “ScentDome,” a small printer-like device that hooks up to the USB port and transmits smells over the internet. executive Bernetta Anderson says the website will feature a variety of odor-oriented reality shows, educational shows, cooking shows and even news broadcasts, and will allow viewers to create their own “aromasodes” as well.

The company will sell the ScentDome for around $369 a pop, or by subscription for $18 a month, but Anderson figures most of the website’s income will be from selling scented advertising.

And while some people have joked to Anderson that the idea is a natural for pornography, she turns up her nose at that idea.

As she puts it, “Someone will probably try that idea. But not us.”

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