Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carlos Mencia: ‘Stupid People Shouldn’t Have Kids’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Comedian Carlos Mencia is known for his sharp tongue and provocative comedy, but he’d be nothing without stupid people.

Mencia – star of the Comedy Central series Mind Of Mencia – likes to joke about race and politics but admits it’s the “stupid people who probably shouldn’t have kids” that help him create his funniest material.

Mencia recalls a segment for Mind Of Mencia where he interviewed people on the streets about “questions people want to ask minorities” when a woman inquired about why black people are such good athletes.

She speculated that it’s “because black people have an extra bone in their ankle.”

Mencia was so “shocked” by the woman’s stupidity that he “egged her on just to make fun of her.”

Says Mencia: “Her kid was listening to her and nodding, and I was like ‘Great, a stupid woman creating a stupid kid.”’

Another time, Mencia laughed when listening to a commercial for Hooked On Phonics which asked people to call “1- 800-ABC-DEFG” and he thought, “How are they going to call that number if they can’t read or write? Idiots.”

The third season of Mind Of Mencia premieres April 1.

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