Thursday, March 1, 2007

Anti-Christ Coming To Earth Disguised As John Paul II

HALA’IB, Sudan (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The world will have hell to pay once Pope Benedict XVI kicks the bucket – because he will be replaced by the Anti-Christ.

At least that’s the bizarre revelation of a woman in Hala’ib, Sudan.

Dahlia Doss claims that the man chosen as Pontiff after Pope Benedict dies will actually be the Anti-Christ dressed up to look like Pope John Paul II’s identical twin.

Doss – who runs a website called – says the devil’s disguise will be so effective that few people will figure out that he’s not Pope John Paul II, but an incredible simulation.

Says Doss: “He will be very hard to spot – I’m afraid to even look at him [the Pope] on TV because he will be so deceptive.”

She says the devil will ape John Paul’s voice and mannerisms so effectively that it will convert masses to unwittingly follow the dark side.

Doss is so convinced the scheme will come to pass that she says the only way the human race is safe is to pray for God’s forgiveness and hope for the best.

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