Friday, February 23, 2007

Heather Mills Has Leg Up On ‘Stars’ Competition

SAVANNAH, Ga. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Heather Mills might only have one leg, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have a leg up on her Dancing With The Stars competitors.

Ballroom dance teacher Ken Howard works with disabled dancers and he says Mills’ prosthetic leg shouldn’t hold her from stepping all over the competition when the new season debuts March 19 on ABC.

He says since it’s Mills’ left leg that’s amputated she will have no problem taking the lead since that’s the right foot’s job.

Howard also says if she starts to falter, she can use her “strong male partner as a crutch” to get back on her feet.

However, he admits it might be difficult for Mills to pick out dance shoes, especially if she dances in a sports prosthetic, which is longer and not as realistic looking as an everyday fake leg.

Mills should also brush up on her salsa because the “fast music and quick moves could be harder” on her than the other dancers.

However, Howard predicts Mills will excel at the foxtrot because the moves are slower, giving her brain time to process the moves.

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