Wednesday, February 21, 2007

‘Number 23’ Commercials Could Cause Outbreak Of Demonic Possessions

TROY, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jim Carrey is known for his comedy but his new film, The Number 23, might make him more famous for demonic outbursts.

That’s the shocking prediction from conspiracy theorist Howard Campbell, the creator of the website

He says the flick, which opens this Friday (Feb. 23), contains hidden messages called “fnords,” which could cause “potential harm” to viewers including “psychotic breakdowns” and “demonic possessions.”

Of course, folks who see the whole movie are most at risk, but even those who’ve seen the trailer are prone to symptoms such as constant nervous tapping, obsessive thoughts and, worse, demonic possession.

Says Campbell: “Just watching the trailer could lead someone into a downward spiral. They might want to investigate the number 23 – which when you divide 2 by 3 you get .666 – and start googling it for information. It can mess with certain brain patterns and so on and so forth.”

Although Campbell can’t predict how many people will be affected by the flick, he’s most worried about Carrey.

The actor has reportedly missed several public appearances lately, and Campbell suspects that’s a direct result of working on the movie.

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