Friday, February 2, 2007

‘Dirty Folk’ Artist Slammed For Vagina Song

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Justin Timberlake performed the song “Dick In A Box” on Saturday Night Live, but one folk singer in New York was singing about private parts way before JT.

Self-proclaimed “dirty folk comic,” Jessica Delfino wrote a song called “My Pussy Is Magic,” many years ago which has an accompanying video on

Despite its current popularity, it’s getting slammed by the Catholic League, which, for some reason, is offended by lyrics like Glitter, sprinkles, rainbow fluff/ and all sorts of other kinds of magical stuff/ is hidden in my vagina/ it’s a pinata/ so divina!

Says Delfino: “I’m surprised the Catholic League gives a crap. But the song is all about vaginas, and Catholics hate vaginas, so their anger makes sense.”

She says: “The president of the league, William Donahue, is judging me and being ridiculous. If Jesus were around he would denounce Donahue for denouncing me.”

Despite the controversy, Delfino plans on continuing her vagina songs and even hopes to have a “crotch song battle- off” with JT himself.

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