Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Song Promotes The Good Side Of Gangs

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Being in a gang gets a bad rap, but two hip-hoppers are hoping their new song shows the positive side of “gangstas.”

Jadakiss and Supa Nova Slom call their call-to-arms “Gangsta’s Salute” and it is supposed to educate young fans of hip-hop about the original gangs that started out in the 60s as political movements designed to defend urban communities and promote economic empowerment.

For example, he says the term “crips” is actually an acronym for “conscious revolution in progress.”

However, Supa Nova Slom says when the gang leaders were arrested as “political prisoners” and their youthful members “lost sight of the focus and turned on each other.”

Supa Nova Slom and Jadakiss want the song to inspire gang members to band together into a large voting bloc and demand politicians help America’s urban communities “instead of those in foreign countries.”

He also hopes that it raises awareness that gangs are just an urban phenomenon. As he puts it, “The Democrats and Republicans are basically gangs – they bang on each other all the time.”

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