Friday, December 29, 2006


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‘Federline’ Among Top 2007 Slang Words

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – 2006 may be remembered as the year Britney Spears dumped Kevin Federline, but 2007 may mark the year he became part of the English language.

That’s because “Federline” is one of the hot new slang words predicted to explode in 2007.

The phrase refers to the moment when a person decides their partner must be dumped immediately, and can be used as a noun – “She crossed the Federline when she had sex with my brother,” – or as a verb – “We Federlined her for hours about the creep she’s dating.”

Other wacky slang words popping up for the New Year include,,,

  • “Anecdate,” which is when you go out with someone just because you know it will make for a good story. For example, “I only went out with Kevin Federline because I knew it would make a good anecdate.”

  • Someone who shaves their head so no one will realize they have thinning hair is planning a “baldplot.”

  • Finally, if you dress more conservatively than usual for, say, a job interview or first date, you’re making a “khakilated effort to succeed.”

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