Thursday, December 21, 2006

Museums Are Ghost Hot Spots

NEWCASTLE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ben Stiller’s new film, A Night At The Museum, may be a fictional movie about a museum coming to life, but it’s practically a documentary for one ghost expert in Newcastle, England.

British ghostbuster Dean Maynard says museums like the one portrayed in Stiller’s flick are hot spots for paranormal activity and he himself has felt “ghostly energy” and “creepy vibes” at many museums he’s visited.

Egyptian mummy displays seem to be the most haunted.

As he puts it, “Mummies are really creepy. Something about being buried in a tomb and having your treasures raided make for really angry Egyptian ghosts in some museums.”

Maynard says one railway museum in England was also chock full of ghost energy.

But while Stiller’s movie features a dinosaur skeleton coming to life, Maynard says there have been no reports of that happening in real life.

Good for him because, if it did, he’d probably turn as white as a ghost himself.

A Night At The Museum opens in theaters tomorrow (Dec. 22).

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