Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photographer Snaps Video Game Junkies In Their Element

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Video game junkies are hard to talk to while they’re zapping villains on their X-Box, but they’re not hard to photograph.

That’s how photographer Phil Toledano sees it and he should know: He’s created a series of vivid pictures of people playing video games.

Says Toledano: “I wanted to redefine human portraits and photograph people revealing a hidden part of their character, so I had them play video games. Plus, I really like video games.”

For his pictures, Toledano had friends play an X-Box game titled Dead or Alive, and captured their “gamer determination” and animated expressions as they played.

Says Toledano: “I saw every emotion in the players, even emotions totally out of their regular characters.”

Toledano also found that men and women gamers expressed themselves differently while gaming.

He adds, “Men were very facially expressive and I snapped great shots of anger, rage and determination. Women played the games by moving their faces and entire bodies around.”

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