Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Political Pizza Hopes To Bring Peace This Election Day

OXFORD, Miss. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Voters aren’t just being urged to head for their local polling on Election Day (Nov. 7), they’re also being urged to visit their local pizza parlor.

That’s the dream of Jim Dees, who publishes Pizza Marketing Quarterly, and he wants the world pizza industry to kickoff this election season “pizzafully” by selling something called a ‘‘Bi-Partisan Pizza.”

Dees says his proposed pizza has three separate, but symbolic, toppings: pork for Democrats, caviar for Republicans and spinach for Greens and Independents.

He believes that it’s a ‘‘peaceful pizza that everyone across party lines can enjoy.”

Dees hopes many will host pizza parties, indulge in a slice of the political pie and “Make pizza, not war.”

He believes Democrats will be the first to consider the P.C. pizza because in his words, “It takes an adventurous spirit to entertain the concept and Democrats are the zanier, crazier party.”

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