Tuesday, October 31, 2006

E.T. Hybrids On The Rise?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Don’t be surprised if E.T. tries phoning YOUR home – in order to put the moves on your daughter.

That’s the speculation of an “end-times prophet” in Little Rock, Arkansas, who says the rise in alien abductions since 1947 suggests a potential epidemic of paranormal molestation not seen since the days of Noah.

Terry James says back then, there was a rash of alien-human hybrids because a gang of demons had the hots for Earth women. As a result, he says God had to cleanse the Earth and chose Noah to build the ark because he was one of the few humans without any E.T. DNA.

James now fears those demonic E.T.s are back and setting the stage for more raping and pillaging.

However, he says most of the molestation has been mental and doesn’t believe there are any hybrids working at Starbucks just yet.

Still, he says he believes that the Bigfoot creatures who are seen now and then are a sign that the demonic E.T.s may be starting a new interbreeding program.

James discusses the connections between UFOs and biblical prophecy in a new book, The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension (VMI/ Musterian).

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