Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Lucid Dreamer Reveals The Complexity Of Her Nightlife

MEDINA, OHIO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sleep may have just gotten a little more interesting – especially if you’re a “lucid dreamwalker.”

That’s the word from Michelle Belanger, a self-proclaimed lucid dreamer and author of the new book Psychic Dreamwalking (Weiser Books), which comes out this month.

Belanger, who has experienced “out-of-body” phenomenons since age 5, writes about the “power of dreams and premonitions” in her book.

Says Belanger: “We’ve all experienced strange feelings after dreams. A lot of times this is due to dreamwalking, where we place ourselves in someone else’s dream and we don’t even know it.”

According to Belanger anyone can lucid dream if they focus and harness their abilities.

To fully understand dreams, Belanger suggests recording them in a journal and recreating feelings and actions from dreams when awake.

Adds Belanger: “If you have a dream about someone, always call them to see if they also had a dream about you. If they did, then you can almost be sure you just experienced dreamwalking.”

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