Thursday, September 7, 2006

Charlie Murphy Says Low Wages Made Up For By Chappelle’s Show Exposure

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Chappelle’s Show was such a surprise, runaway success, that to this day, the show’s staff actor-writers, like Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy, only made $500 per episode.

And, according to Murphy – who’s currently scraping cash doing a stand up tour cross country – he and Rawlings still “don’t get a dime from the DVD release.”

Not, says Murphy, that he’s crying over not getting money off the DVD.

He admits: “What I lost in cash was WAY more than made up for in exposure.”

He explains: “I go on auditions I never would have – and fans 4 to 400 years-old know my face or voice.”

Still, Murphy says the experience can’t have a price tag put on it: “Now I know how NOT to scare the crap out of a live audience by being my mad character from my [early acting roles].”

He adds: “That’s pretty much the LAST thing you want a live comedy crowd to be: scared s■■■less.”

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