Tuesday, September 5, 2006

White Supremacist Fears ‘Survivor’ Is Stacked Against His Race

WARSAW, Indiana (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The upcoming season of Survivor will pit teams of different races against each other – and that leaves one white supremacist with a black heart.

Tom Metzger, the leader of the White Aryan Resistance, says Survivor producers are purposely stacking the deck against whites.

As he puts it, “50 percent of the competitors should be white because it’s not a contest between whites, blacks, Asians and Latinos, it’s between whites and coloreds.”

He says the way the show is now set up only gives whites a 25 percent chance of winning.

Still, Metzger says he understands the producers’ thought processes and figures “if the whites did win the show, they’d probably take it to the Supreme Court.”

However, Metzger is most offended about the plan to mix all the racial groups together at the merger. In his words, “It’s the same old crap all based on telling people we’re equal and get along, when really we just want to be separate.”

The new season of Survivor debuts September 14.

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