Monday, July 31, 2006

Big Brother’ Harder Than Being In A Foxhole?

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The reality show Big Brother may look like a piece of cake to viewers but, inside the house, it’s war.

In fact, it’s HARDER than war, according to Jase Wirey, the latest Big Brother bumpee, who says the show “is a living hell trying to get to the end prize.”

In his words, “I fought in Kuwait and it’s worse than being in a foxhole.”

Part of the stress is because contestants are denied any external or personal stimuli – they can’t read, write or even sing. As a result, Wirey says he felt very much alone and was forced to listen to conversations that are “frivolous.”

Wirey says the only reason he went on the show was for the big prize and says he’s a different man than the wild character of season five.

As he puts it, “The first time I was kicked off, I had hopes of making it in Hollywood. Now, I just want to cut bait and go back home to my girlfriend [in Decatur, Illinois].”

He adds: “I’m so over the Hollywood thing.”

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