Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Hitler Cats Blog Raising A Feline Fuhrer

ZWOLLE, Netherlands (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A blog dedicated to cats that look like Adolph Hitler is raising a furor over feline fuhrers.

The blog, which is found at, features dozens of kitties who have dark marks resembling the trademark moustache of the late German dictator.

The man behind the blog is a Dutch journalism student named Koos Plegt, who started the tribute a few weeks ago after having dinner with a neighbor whose cat bears an amazing resemblance to the Nazi icon.

Plegt bet his companions there were more kitties with Hitler ’staches and started posting pics on the blog.

That was a few weeks ago, and now Plegt has received hundreds of kitty-Hitler photos – one even included a comment that a Hitler cat “sends the mice to Mouse-schwitz.”

Plegt has also received some negative comments, which is partly why he rejects photos including the “Heil Hitler” salute.

As he puts it, “I want to keep the innocence. The funny thing is, these cats don’t know they look like Hitler.”

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