Friday, June 30, 2006

Aliens Avoiding Roswell Festival Like The Plague

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Thousands of earthlings are visiting Roswell, New Mexico, starting today (June 30) for the 12th annual Roswell UFO Festival, but the aliens may be vacationing elsewhere.

According to alien expert Andy Reiss, extraterrestrials prefer visiting places that are more low-key than Roswell and better suited to their needs.

Reiss says E.T.s prefer hotspots like India, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, in part, because of their tropical climates, volcanic activity, and the fact that they are less crowded than some U.S. cities.

As Reiss puts it, “These are environments that aliens can identify with. The climate and terrain reminds them of their own planets, and here they won’t feel homesick.”

However, Reiss ensures that Roswell won’t be completely devoid of aliens at the UFO Festival. He says that there will be a good share of human-like aliens perusing the festivities this weekend because they are extremely attracted to the radiation exuding from New Mexico.

Also, even though the E.T.s may be avoiding Roswell, some are happy that humans are still celebrating the Roswell incident after nearly 60 years.

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